Having Joy Even If Your Cell Phone Gets Cut Off: Developing Unspeakable Joy

Interesting Title, huh? I know. It might not be a cell phone that let’s everyone know you haven’t paid the bill but we can all agree in life there are things that attempt to steal our joy. Everyday we are confronted with choices and situations that definitely are not pleasant at all. I would be lying if I told you everyday was full of skipping through fields of blossoming sun flowers. Life simply put is not that way however when you cultivate a mindset of having joy you can weather the storms without having to pull out every single strand of hair on your head in utter frustration. Who doesn’t want to be happy? Happiness is a wonderful emotional state of being but the only drawback to happiness is it tends to be controlled by external sources where as joy is something much more internal. We can all be relate to being happy one moment and then something happens and just like that our happiness drifts away. You can face some of the hardest tests in life and still have joy. Joy is remarkably powerful and it’s worth developing. 


There is something special about joy. It’s almost like a mystery of sorts. It’s blissful, Its spiritual and it is something that is hard to describe. There have been times in my life where I was not happy but I had joy due to my trust in the Lord. I found joy in releasing the burdens of this world and believing that no matter what happens God has my back. Joy comes from seeing the glass as half full. Joy comes from knowing without a doubt your past does not dictate your future. Joy comes from knowing you are loved passionately and unconditionally. Let go out the outcome and live. There are a few small things you could do today to cultivate joy. 1. Take a break from the fast pace hustle of life and journal all the things you are thankful for. 2. Turn off the TV and curl up with a good book. 3. Pray for others 4. Play in the leaves and be a kid again for a few minutes. These are small things you can do to experience liberating joy. Everyone is different but sometimes taking a step back and embracing the small things in life really makes life worth living.


We can learn a lot from children. They seem to have this joy thing well understood. When you watch kids play they truly understand the beauty of letting it all go. They live in the moment and find any excuse to play joyfully. You too can have joy no matter what life throws at you. The next time you feel unhappy remember you can still smile. You have something that nobody can take away from you and that is your joy. Smile often, Love aways and forgive as often as offenses come. That is the code I live by. You can choose to have joy even if your cell phone gets cut off :-). You can have joy even if the jerk in the red BMW cuts you off. You can have joy even if someone else got the promotion over you. It always works out. When you truly believe God has something for you that has your name on it how could you not have joy? You are powerful and wonderfully made Brothers and Sisters. Go and make today a joyful one!  


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