The Aftermath: A Nation Divided

I typically try to avoid talking about politics but I have some thought’s I’d like to get off of my chest first. Tonight, I decided I would share my last thoughts on this whole ordeal as I attempt to move forward. Last night I found it hard to sleep because reality hadn’t quite set in as I watched the poll numbers come in state by state. I sat on the edge of my seat as if I was viewing an intense battle scene of Star Wars. I kept asking myself as Mr. Trump’s lead continued to grow, ” America wouldn’t possibly elect him?” Well Ladies and Gentlemen unless you have been living under a rock in the last 24 hours you know Donald J. Trump was elected president of these United States. I had a whirlwind of emotions as that fresh reality started to set in. What is America going to be like? How will our allies react? What is going to happen to me as an African American Man? The thoughts I had were rooted in uncertainty. Van Jones, said it best last night as he relayed his feelings to the public via his platform on CNN. He said ” What am I going to tell my Children? What am I going to tell my muslin friend who is now afraid? I tossed and turned the whole night as my mind tried to make sense of it all. I logged on to facebook and saw a wonderful display of freedom of speech. I read through a variety posts displaying powerful conviction and emotion. Some thoughts resonated with me and some did not but I respected all of the opinions I read. What I am sure we all can agree with is the fact that our very nation is truly divided. 


I eventually drifted to sleep for about an hour before it was time to get up for work. I got ready for work in a fog. I didn’t know if yesterday was a dream or if I was living in a horror film. I drove to work in silence as the rain beat down on my front windshield. I had a lot to think about. Quite frankly I had a lot to accept. I spoke to a few of my friends this morning and everyone I knew felt the sting of the reality of a new Government. I have had the pleasure of 8 years with President Barack Obama. I’ve been spoiled. I can remember the 2008 election being a new season of hope; A new era in the history of the United States. For the first time I felt we were on the path to something great. Shortly after the election we saw congress make it nearly impossible for him to get things done initially. He ended up in my mind doing a lot of wonderful things despite the opposition of a Goverment who did not want to see him succeed. If Mr. Trump’s Presidency resembles anything remotely similar to his campaign, we will all be in for a long 4 years. It is my hope that he does not use the highest office in the land as a stage for hollywood style antics. I personally am not a fan of bigotry, hatred, misogyny and callous speech. I chose to walk with my head held high today and I hope you do too. I continue pray for the unity and peace of this Nation. May Hillary be proud of how far she made it. She gave alot of little girls hope that they someday may become president. I am still processing this election and may be for awhile. 



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