Leaving It All Between The Lines: Champion Mentality

The other day I had a conversation with a good friend of mine. He is a sports guy, in fact he is a sports guru. He has an awesome sports program on Facebook every Saturday morning called “Breaking the Plain Sports Talk”. We sometimes get into intense debates about certain players. There are certain players who excel and there are players who just never quite solidify themselves as anything better than average. I’ve noticed the players who put in the most effort will always be more dependable than the guys who rely solely on talent alone. Life is the same way. Life is like an intense game of football. The trials and tribulations of life are like big hits. Some hits are hard. They can take the wind out of you but what separates champions from those who sit at the end of the bench is the champion mentality. Who wants to ride the bench? A bench warming attitude is an attitude that say’s I’ll never be great. Mental Bench warmers say I can’t ever seem to get a break. Why me? I don’t have what it takes. I’m here to tell you today that God did not design you to sit at the end of the bench in life. Put your helmet on and get in the game.


  A champion isn’t someone who never gets knock down. A champion is someone who gets knocked down and makes a decision to get back up again. You can bounce back from that break-up. You stand tall again after being fired or laid off. You can rise above the corporate glass ceiling. You have what it takes to be a champion. You can develop the champion mindset by believing in yourself. It all starts in the mind. Self Confidence doesn’t manifest by accident. Loving ourselves is something you can learn to do. Don’t beat up yourself if you fall short. Don’t compare yourself to other people. You were sent to this earth with your own special talents and gifts. It’s ok if you have had the benchwarmer mindset in the past. Today is a new day. Some of us have to shed ourselves of that negative programming we learned from bad examples growing up and that takes time to do. Be kind to yourself. Refuse to give up. It takes grit and grind to make it far in this life. It takes relentless faith in God and mental toughness. Take heart in knowing today is the day you put your helmet on and get in the game. 

Seattle Seahawks v Oakland Raiders

Keep your head held up high no matter what comes your way. Life is not always fair or easy. There will be flags on the play in the form of disappointments and setbacks but you have to keep marching. Keep moving forward even if people laugh at your dreams and aspirations. While people are busy laughing, you will be running down the football field of life. When you your dreams materialize, you’ll be in the end-zone celebrating. You are a champion made. Remember that next time you feel tempted to get down on yourself. Stand tall today because if you can conquer your mental game,  you can conquer the game of life. Put your helmet on and go get what is yours! 


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