Seizing the Moment

I can remember the time I heard a knock at the door one Saturday morning many years ago. In fact, it was probably 20 years ago to be exact. I had to be maybe 9 years old or so. My mother looked through the peep hole of our town house door and hesitated a bit as if to decide what whether she would open the door or not. I stood at the top step wondering who it was. The only people I knew who would randomly knock on doors unannounced on a Saturday morning were Jehovahs witnesses and my grandma often made sure to tell us all to be quiet, turn out the lights and not move an inch in order to pretend we weren’t home. Even though, grandma was not at my house that particular day, I heeded her warnings. I stood like a bump on a log.

My mother finally opened the door and there stood a man with a huge cheesy smile with sweat pouring down his face from the hot sun. Next to the man stood a strange thingamajig. “Why hello Folks, boy do I have something great to show you! Just give me 30 minutes of your time and I’ll um’ show you something worth your while” My mother surprisingly let the man in. He stumbled into the house with this strange looking vacuum cleaner and his bag of items.

He called this device the Rainbow Vac. It was supposed to be something revolutionary. He did his poor demonstration and fumbled through his sales spiel. I watched and wondered if my Mom would really purchase such a thing. The sales man pulled out his bag of tricks and wowed her with what this vacuum could do. He dabbed this little solution into the vacuum cleaner’s water tank and it even made the house smell good. She gave the guy a chance and to my surprise even purchased the over priced piece of junk which we later found out as it had to be replaced several times. None the Less, the moment was seized and the salesman capitalized.

“Lesson’s from the Vacuum Cleaner Salesman”

We can all learn lessons from some of the most unlikely sources. It’s amazing that I can still remember this story even though this happened so many years ago. We were probably the salesman’s 100th door of the day and by the way he appeared, we may have been his first sales bite of the day as well. While he didn’t appear to be as confident as he could have been, he still sold my mother the vacuum cleaner. He may have fumbled through his  sales spiel but at the end of the day he dragged his vacuum in the house and put on a spectacle that was well enough to sale my mom the vacuum. It’s not about perfection it’s about seizing the moment. 

We have to look at opportunity kind of like how the salesman did. I’m sure he received hundreds of no’s before he finally got a yes from my mother. In life we are going to want to accomplish things. We all have things that we desire to do.  Many doors may appear like they are closing in your face day after day, but if you don’t give up your moment will appear. There are people who have missed opportunities and failed to seize their moment because they weren’t aware the moment was present. Other’s have squandered opportunities away due to fear and inactivity. You’ll be tempted to quit on your dreams and aspirations some days but those who don’t give up will be rewarded. Everything in this world has a gestational period. A flower starts as a seed and must be watered. After a period of time, it begins to grow and before you know it, it is a beautiful flower. Keep working on yourself and getting around the right people. Before you know it, your moment will come just like it did for the salesman and you will seal the deal.  

The Takeaway  

Everyone who’s ever done anything great in this life has met their fair share of opposition, fear and setbacks. You have to decide in your heart that your dreams are worth it. Always be ready. It doesn’t matter what your craft is, live as if your moment were to appear in the very next minute. Everyday you open your eyes to life could be the day your defining moment comes knocking on your door. Go get what is yours. Keep the right attitude, smile often and believe in yourself. When your moment stands before you, seize it with the passion of a thousand burning suns. 


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