Racism: A Detriment to the Progression of America

Oh hatred and racism you have reared your ugly head yet again in the streets of this Nation. Your voice is loud and clear. Your war path of destruction is self evident. You have over taken the minds of many people. Racism is a tricky beast because it isn’t motivated by logic, intelligence and obviously not love. It is bred out of fear, ignorance and an irrational sense of survival. People aren’t born with it. It’s a disease that is spread out of desperation and the fallacy of conservation. How long will American turn its head and look the other way? How long will people pretend that it doesn’t exist anymore? 

I was absolutely disgusted by the sheer level of racism, bigotry, hatred and ignorance on display in Charlottesville, Va. last weekend. It was disheartening to watch and incredibly too close to home. Anger doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt to see a group of individuals with torches mob together to riot together for a cause that I am still having trouble quite understanding. I purposefully called it a riot despite the fact some media outlets chose to label it a rally when in fact it was not a “Rally” at al. What I saw was chaos and savagery with the intent to stir the pot of discord.

While I believe everyone has the right to believe what they choose no matter how ridiculous it may seem however there is nothing peaceful about yelling racial slurs, beating people and chanting completely incoherent barbaric statements. Donald Trump chose to be silent of all days to be silent. He tweets a mile a minute any other day but chose to vaguely address the situation only when it appeared to get out of hand. Rising above these kind of issues takes courage, guts and love. Love conquers all remember?

What does driving a car into a crowd of people do besides create more malice? When did hatred ever create anything wonderful? Was there ever a period of time when beating people purely for the color of their skin ever did anything to help another person? There is no rhyme or reason to any of the behavior exhibited yesterday. The acts of yesterday is a symptom of a much bigger issue in this Country. These issues linger every single day. From police shootings of Unarmed black men to mass incarceration and the Colin Kaepernick saga, America can’t hide from it’s dangerous course of destruction. If you want an unfiltered view into some of the minds of some American’s, all you have to do is read a few of the comments on Youtube, Facebook and other social media outlets. It’s chilling and completely eye opening.

As an unapologetically Black man living in America I cannot be silent on these kind of matters. I choose to not live in fear in this Country. Fear and hatred wins the moment we turn a deafening ear to the atrocities of black and brown people. Martin Luther King marched and risked his life for an end of the behavior we see today. We must all to stand together if we want to drive hate out of our neighborhoods and towns. We must love even in the presence of hatred. The hearts of mankind are not governed by policies and politics. That has been shown through history. Only when people stop sweeping America’s race problem under the rug maybe then we will see things change. When America acknowledges this country was built upon the backs of Slaves maybe then we will see change.  

I encourage us all to keep fighting for equality and justice. It takes all of us. Many people in this nation claim to be Christian but choose to be silent on the matters that affect black and brown folks. Wasn’t Love the very nature of Christ? Wasn’t loving thy neighbor one of God’s important commandments? May each of us continue speak out when we see hatred and racism rear it’s ugly head. May we all hold on to our faith as we live each day boldly lighting the torch of Freedom for all to see. 



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