Exit Stage Right: Dealing with Drama Kings and Queens

Drama can be a really enjoyable part of life within the proper context. I’ve been to a few plays in my life that I found to be pretty amazing. My mother was a big fan of Tyler Perry’s Madea plays and I experienced a few of them with her. Who doesn’t enjoy a good dramatic movie or TV saga every once in awhile? There is a form of drama that isn’t as entertaining and is actually quite exhausting if you are involved. The type of drama I’m talking about today is created by none other than the drama king and queen. We’ve all had that coworker that is always having a crisis or the friend who seemingly is always on the verge of a mental break down week after week. Or how about that family member that is always involved in some sort of altercation or scandal with other people. While everyone at some point in life has moments of difficulty, but for the Drama King and Queen these moments are what drive them down the continual path of dysfunction, destruction and a life filled with turmoil. If we are not careful, their drama can begin to seep into our lives in ways that can be damaging. 

“Drama is best saved for the stage”

Drama for drama kings and queens is almost like an addiction. In a stage play, being messy outrageous and completely crazy is totally alright. Drama is best saved for the stage. It’s important that we learn how to deal with these kinds of people because if you don’t, you may find yourself wasting time and energy if you are caught in their constant web of confusion and attention seeking behavior. Our time and energy should be used on developing our passions and fulfilling our deepest dreams instead of untangling ourselves from those who star in what they believe to be a stage play of life. There are some drama Kings and Queens you may not be able to totally avoid as they may be family members or coworkers. When dealing with family drama kings and queens you must approach the situation with delicacy to avoid becoming a co star in their dysfunctional production. Limiting yourselves to only dealing with them when you absolutely have to and only sharing necessary details can help keep them from totally invading your space. Learning how to deal and spot these kind of people before you get too involved is key. So many people derail their lives because of their inability to judge character properly.  In our day and age it’s even more important especially due to the emergence of social media. We must totally be aware of those we invite into our lives.  

“Messy folks are no fun”

Often times you can see these kind of people coming from a mile away. They often appear to have a lot of friends and may even be popular but once you get to know them personally you will be in for a ride of your life. When you see them, you automatically shake your head because everything thing they do is a big theatrical event.  When you receive a text or call from this kind of person, you can safely assume it’s probably going to be something over the top or crazy. When you are walking the path of greatness you must protect your peace at all cost. Messy people enjoy having an audience they can suck dry with their continuous barrage of confusion. Now do I believe some of these people are being messy on purpose? I don’t. I don’t think anyone could truly enjoy being that way. Often times it’s for attention. People who thrive off of dysfunction are dangerous to the well being of your peace. Back in the day, I knew a person who always seemed to have issues with other people. She failed to realize a lot of the issues she dealt with were a result of her own negative attitude towards other. She enjoyed causing riffs between people and after awhile talking to her became a bit much. Messy folks make great characters for TV but they are soul crushing in real life. In my heart, I do not believe everyone who behaves this way in our lives is trying to be malicious however if they are not willing to address the behavior it will make it incredibly difficult to share a life with them.  

“The Take Away”  

Your Peace is valuable, in fact it is price less. You must protect it all costs. In your quiet time today, think of some ways you can active limit your exposure to folks who drain you of your precious energy. Limiting contact with people who bring chaos around is alright to do. Sometimes you have to deal with certain people only when it absolutely necessary. Remember mess makes for a great television plot but it is counter productive in real life to entertain and accept. When you have a mission you have to be picky about who you allow into your life. Drama takes entirely too much energy to entertain. Your energy must be used to further your dreams, passions and goals. Reality TV and movies make it look cool to surround yourself with folks who act a’ fool, but in reality there is nothing cool about having dramatic people in your life. So next time you see a drama king or queen coming your way, just smile and exit stage right.  


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