Excellence Will Require You to Level Up

Just about everyone wants to be successful. There aren’t many people who would say they don’t want wealth and success. We all want to make a difference in some form or fashion. But why does it seem like only a few people truly reach their full potential? The world is full of folks who have deferred their hopes and dreams. How many times have you heard someone say, someday I’ll, or someday I’m going to? Quite frankly someday never ever comes. Some day is the biggest lie we can tell ourselves. Living a life of success and excellence takes a lot more than wishful thinking and a some day attitude. It requires sacrifice and a relentless desire to be greater than have been before.

“Excuse me? Did you say Sacrifice”

Sacrifice used to be a word that made me cringe. You mean I have to stop playing Madden all day? I used to think sacrifice meant I had to give up all the things I enjoyed. While at the time I did not really quite get that sacrifice would help bring me the life I truly wanted; I lamented the notion. When you decide enough is enough and want more out of life, you won’t find it that hard to turn the tv off for a few hours or to devote more time to the actions that will put your closer to the completion of your goals. You don’t have to give up everything you love to do, sometimes you have to scale it back a bit to focus on the things you want to accomplish.

“Ouch!? Motivation by Pain”

Pain can be a great teacher. Wanting to be great isn’t always enough to motivate us to do the things required to go to the next level. Think of the people you hear speak who have such wonderful ideas and plans. You talk to the same folks a few months later and it seems like they completely forgot about what they said they were going to do. They say things like, oh yea, well uh, see what had happened was (Queue the excuses). Motivation by pain can be enough to jumpstart even the least motivated amongst us. If a situation hurts badly enough, that alone can be enough to motivate a person into sacrificing, grinding and putting in the necessary work. You’ve got to want it bad enough. Thats when things start to happen. The pain of your current situation has the power to propel you to levels you may not even have known were possible. A life of excellence requires much but it’s worth it.

“Leveling Up”

Think about how good you feel when you beat a really tough level in a game or when you drop a few pounds from all of the exercising you’ve done. It feel’s good to see your hard work finally pay off, doesn’t it? It’s awesome but leveling up doesn’t come without it’s share of challenges. Sometimes some of your friends or members of the circle you belong to may not feel comfortable with you actually following through on your plans and completing your goals. It’s unfortunate but that’s just the reality of life. Some people will honestly become jealous and envious of your success. As a result of your new level, you will meet new people who will be walking the same path as you are. Embrace the change and embrace the friends who genuinely want to continue seeing you grow while forgiving those who don’t want to see you get better in life .

“The Take Away”

Think about some of things you want to accomplish. Have you been going as hard as you could on those dreams, aspirations and goals? This is a question I ask myself on a daily basis. Today, find time to take a few moments to revisit some of your goals and map out ways in the coming weeks to attack these items. It takes commitment to see anything worthwhile come to pass. Excellence is a choice. Greatness is a choice. Much is required to go beyond being average. May you continue to be encouraged as you continue your amazing journey of Greatness.


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