Life after Disappointment

Disappointment is an ugly word. Just seeing the word can emit feelings that are uncomfortable for many of us. As you move through life you will be aquatinted with the pain of being disappointment at some point in your journey. It could be at the hands of someone we love or an opportunity that didn’t quite pan out as we hoped. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. The good new’s is with the right attitude you can always bounce back from disappointment stronger than you were before. Nothing on this earth is perfect. The human experience teaches us this everyday. Embrace it. Every situation we face can be a great lesson if you choose to look on the bright side of life. With every disappointing situation you may face, there is a great opportunity to grow.

“Why me? Lord, Why!?”

If I could count the times I’ve heard people ask the question, why me? Trials and tribulations are going to come. Nobody is immune to troubles. Changing the way we look at pain is what separates those who reach another level of greatness and those who stay stagnant. Why not you? Just the fact you walk planet earth, someone or something is going to disappoint you. I can remember one birthday in particular when my father promised me a Mac Book Pro when I was about 20 years old. He had been talking about this gift for months. As my birthday approached I became more and more excited. The day finally came and I woke up early. That morning he wished me a happy birthday but as the day progressed, I didn’t see any sign of the Mac Book Pro he said he was going to purchase. The gift never came and I was DISAPPOINTED. We all have stories where someone promised us something and did not deliver. It is apart of the human experience but we must not allow these things to keep us down. Some of the greatest achievers in history dealt with their fair share of setbacks and disappointments.

“Set up for a Come back” 

You have power. It’s amazing many of us truly do not know what’s under the hood of who you are. You are a lot stronger than you think. There is something simply incredible about you. Pain and heartache can be some of the greatest tools for success if correctly harnessed. Choose to use them as stepping stones to reach greater heights in your path of Greatness. In times of disappointment I want you to remind yourself you may feel broken but you are not destroyed. Perseverance is a trait of champions. Use your trials as stepping stones to your success. For everyone no you face, there is a powerful yes. Dare to believe everything you deal with that bring’s pain is refining you for your destiny. Extend grace to those who hurt you. Look boldly into the face of situations that try to destroy you. You are growing stronger by the day. Every No, every I’m sorry I forgot, every situation that didn’t work out as planned and every time someone wrote you off you can use these events to propel you to heights you didn’t even know were possible. 

“The Take Away”

Everything we face in our daily lives whether good or bad can be used as lessons as we progress in our journey. Disappointment hurts and experiencing it can be frustrating. Don’t let it keep you down for long. Choose to forgive those who have disappointed you in the past. Let go of every situation that has let you down. Forgiveness is liberating. Some people have let the pain of disappointment cripple them to the point where they have been stuck. There is life after disappointment and if you allow yourself to be open to learning, it can be what makes you stronger. Today, as you take another step in your journey of greatness dare to believe you are getting stronger by the day. Life is all about perspective. You are great, you are strong and most of all, you are powerful beyond measure. 






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