Avoiding The Foolishness At All Cost

Life is interesting. I mean think about it. One day we just appeared here with out warning. It’s kind of cool when you really grasp just how important you are in the grand scheme of things. The creator of all things decided to create you. I consider that an honor. You have the power to be anything you want to be in this life if you learn a few valuable principles. I’m going to talk about one particular principle that can easily be overlooked. Make no mistake, In life you will be confronted with a lot of things but there is one thing you must not have any time for if you want to succeed. That one thing is foolishness. Yup, I said it. Foolishness can come in many forms and when recognized must be avoided like the plague. Foolishness can totally suck the life, energy and joy out of you if you succumb to it.

“Petty waste of time Arguments”

If you ever wanted to go no where fast, then a petty pointless argument would be your vehicle of choice. Arguments with no substance is one of the quickest ways to throw away your time and energy. Arguments have their place and sometimes can even be neccessary. One of my favorite argument’s currently is whether Lebron James will ever surpass Jordan. A conversation resolving around a discussion of apposing views is great and it’s healthy. Foolishness comes into play when the argument is going no where and everyone involved is upset. Some people are not able to have intense discussions without resorting to name calling and getting personal. Knowing when to walk away is your greatest asset in those kind of situations. Don’t let a petty argument get the best you. Save your energy for more important things because if you deplete your energy, you won’t be as effective in your pursuit of your dreams.

“If they say one more thing about me, i’m gonna..” 

Let’s face it, there are some pretty mean people in this world and the chances of you running into to this kind of person is high. In fact, given that social media has been engrained into our daily lives those chances increase ten fold. Everyday whether it is at work, online and all through out our daily lives we have to teach ourselves not to let other people get under our skins. We all agree mean people, just flat out suck and when these kind of people get the best of us emotionally it generally affects the rest of our day and is ultimately a total distraction. In situations like this, it’s best to ignore them and keep it moving because while they are busy talking about you, you will be inching closer and closer to the completion of your goals, ambitions and dreams. Some people know you are going places and will purposely do things just to see you fail. Keep your head held high above all of the drama. Any situation that tries to steal your joy is not worth your time.

“Drama is only good for television”

There is nothing like a good drama scene on TV. You know, those juicy fight scenes on reality TV and stuff like that. I used to love watching Judge Judy when I was growing up. It was something about watching Judge Judy tear someone to shreds on TV that made me want to come back for more each day. Drama definitely makes great TV however drama in real life is another story. Nobody likes to be caught up in a saga with friends or family. It’s draining, time consuming and a total waste of effort. Sometimes for the sake of peace, we have to separate ourselves from people who constantly enjoy stirring up things. People like that will only bring you down and add chaos to your life.

“Derailing the Gossip Train”

Juicy stories of deception, craziness and unbelievable stories about other people business is certainly enticing but gossip honestly is best to be avoided. Many times the rumors that get passed around about other people aren’t even true. Being aboard the gossip train tends to not end very well. Listening to gossip is just as bad as spreading it. You don’t want your name added to a messy situation. That’s just unnecessary. At some point in our lives we’ve been victims of gossip. Let’s all strive to derail the gossip train. When you hear someone start to talk about someone, try changing the subject or just flat out tell that person you’d rather not entertain gossip.

“The Take away”

This takeaway is short and sweet. When you encounter foolishness just run. Run for your life! Run like hell. No, really, we all have things we want to accomplish in life. To achieve anything it takes focus. Today, I encourage you take inventory of the people, places and situations you have been dealing with recently. Have you been entertaining foolishness? If so its OK, we’ve all been there before. Make it your mission to avoid it as much as possible. We can’t control what comes our way but we can control how we respond to it. Foolishness is hazardous to the health of your goals, dreams and aspirations. Remember you were born to be great and great you shall be.







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