America’s Love affair with Hate

The past few months have been challenging to say the least. As a black man in America racism is something that is not foreign to me. It is a reality that I have to face every single day of my life. We live in a Nation with so many advances in medicine and technology but still fans the flame of intolerance, racism and hatred. The flame still burns just as it did in the days of Dr. King’s push for civil rights. I do not take the recent death of Lt. Richard Collins lightly. What happened on that fateful Sunday night on the University of Maryland’s campus shines a light on America’s Race problem. Richard is another name added to a long list of Black men and women who have lost their lives at the hands of senseless murderers consumed by hate. Whether At the hands of the police or racist thugs, America cannot ignore this any more.

This past summer during the Presidential race I’ve watched Donald Trump excite crowds with his “Make America Great Again” rhetoric. That slogan has never sat well with me. As I witnessed his rally’s from afar, I watched him display racial ignorance front and center. Anyone that describes a group of people as “Rapist and Murderers” clearly is someone who has no desire to mend the racial divide. His rallies became safe havens for Neo Nazi’s, white supremacist and folks who want their America back to the way it was in the days of the cotton picking blood stained hands of my ancestors. This was evident at Trump’s Louisville rally when a young Black woman was repeatedly pushed, shoved and cursed at by the crowd. Their eyes filled with hate as their leader encouraged them to push, hit, beat and throw them out. These type of crowds became a common theme. I always believed a Trump Presidency would bring racial tensions to the forefront. When I hear a Trump Supporter shout they want their country back, its evident what things are about. Racism is clearly no longer hidden in the shadows of humanity. It raises it flag in the Government and in many towns across America.   

Anyone who denies America still has issues with racism and hatred is apart of the problem. This deep seated hatred that some people have for black people is irrational and incredibly unsettling. I have spent the past few days thinking about what Lt. Richard Collins death means to me. Something has to change. Murder suspect Sean Urbanski represents an ideology that cannot be ignored or swept under the rug. It has been reported that Sean was a member of a facebook group called Alt-Reich Nation. These types of groups should be closed and openly discredited by facebook. People need to be held accountable for pushing these types of ideologies. University Of Maryland has had a few incidents this year centered around race such as the Noose that was found in Frat house earlier this month. In fact all over the United States there are situations similar to this. From Confederate flags, hate crimes and white Nationalist movements, America needs to look in the mirror because even though this is the United States of America our Country is not United for all. 

How can things get better? How can systematic oppression end? How can hatred cease? For racism to end a very real open conversation needs to be had. America cannot run from it’s cotton filled past. Some people today will never understand what it feels like to be singled out, mistreated, judged, seemingly chosen for target practice and hated purely for color of their skin. For this Nation to begin to flourish the racial divide needs to be closed.  Things will not change until all people begin to see the value in uniqueness, unity and love. Love is what breaks the chain of hate.

Each and everyday I never know what the day will bring in this uncomfortable climate but I will never look down.I will never walk with fear. I will continue to uphold decency as the war on race continues. I will not be afraid. While I tackle race here, it is evident there many other issues that plague our Country that extend beyond race. Right now this nation appears to rally behind the battle cry of division, scandal, misogyny, intolerance and racism, I continue to stand with those who wish to bring change. I stand with those who see the beauty in all nationalities. I stand with those who see women as an incredible gift to the world. I stand with those who chose to love others even if they believe or have views that are different. In faith, the tide will turn for the better . Until then the fight for humanity rages on.     





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