Unleashing the Inner Champion

spartanAs we scurry through our day to day lives it is not uncommon to realize we sometimes neglect one of the most important people we know. That person is commonly known as ourselves. The demands of climbing the corporate latter, taking care of our homes, rearing children and making sure we keep up with our fitness goals is enough to exhaust even the mightiest warriors amongst us. Where has the time gone?, is a question I ask myself often. One of the greatest things we all can do in the 21st century is to slow down and take a deep breath. Re-Prioritizing my life and intentionally choosing to focus on myself has single handedly been one of the most amazing things I could have ever done at the end of 2016. Wait, a minute, Isn’t focusing on yourself selfish and counter productive? I used to think that myself until I discovered that by focusing on taking care of my own spiritual, mental, and physical well being I was able to impact my world such a more powerful way. There is a champion on in the inside of all of us that yearns to be unleashed. Greatness runs through our very veins at this very moment, even if right now you may not feel like that statement is true. You may be wondering; Brandon, How do I awaken this Champion because I’ve been feeling tired, stressed and not very productive recently. Well, I am glad you asked. I am going to share 5 simple things that catapulted my life from feeling like an overwhelming series of events to living a life with extraordinary passion.

  1. Being ok with saying No

Learning to Say No is one of the greatest tools a champion can have in their arsenal. Think of how many times in your life you have committed to doing things you did not really want to do or did not have the time to do it but you agreed to do it anyway. How did those events turn out for you? How did it make you feel? I venture to say probably not well. Overexerting yourself often leads to stress, poor results and a funky mood. I’ve been there before. I used to agree to do things for others that often times put myself in a bind. I neglected myself just to make others happy. While, I believe selflessness is an admirable and necessary trait but you should never do things that jeopardize your own well being and peace of mind. My life changed dramatically when I stopped feeling guilty about being true to myself. Saying No doesn’t make you a bad person. Saying no means you have boundaries and you are confident enough to make your own firm decisions.


     2. Become a Visionary
What is life without vision? It could be likened to a ship out at sea with no sail. I think many of us like knowing where we are going. My wife would debate me on that because I get lost sometimes and like to pretend I know where I am. Husbands everywhere I am sure you understand the struggle. In reality direction was what helped me go from being a guy who played video games all day to a man who owns his own business. One day I got to a place where I was tired of just existing and making excuses. I was tired of not knowing to what to do. I was tired of being unhealthy physically. Quite frankly I was just tired all the way around the board. I didn’t know what to do. I knew I wanted more for myself but didn’t know what to do. Someone introduced the idea of creating a vision board. I have to tell you, a vision board is a huge asset. Take time to sit down and write down where you want to go and what you want to accomplish in life. Creating a vision board can be lots of fun. You could even plan a vision board party. Think of how fun it would for you and closest friends to create a visual representation of the life you desire to have. Get creative with it.


3. Setting Clear Goals

Goals are more than just a fancy word we all like to toss around when January comes a’ rollin’ around again. Around that time of the year we often hear many of our friends and family speak of the new year with such a pure enthusiasm and a child like excitement. As the months pass us by a lot of the goals we set are just distant memories. Why does this happen? Why is it so easy to fall off of the wagon? I believe this phenomena happens because we fail to make clear realistic goals. Without a clear vision goals become wishes. After creating your vision for yourself, it’s best to sit down and really think of some clear cut goals that will help you create the life you want to live. My life began to gain clarity once I started mapping out the things I wanted to accomplish that were in line with my vision. I re-evaluate myself every 3 months. This helps me stay on track.


4. Awakening your inner power through Meditation and Affirmations

The mind contrspartanspartanFotolia_58471906_Subscription_Monthly_Mspartanols the body. If you can change the way you think everything else will fall into place. Every morning I start my day with prayer, mediation and affirmations. I speak out loud all the things I want to happen. I make my intentions clear. Sometimes, I even look myself in the mirror and remind myself how wonderful, powerful and great my life is and will continue to be. What you speak and think about yourself shapes your destiny, so be kind to yourself. That’s why it is important to renew your mind daily. I encourage you to make mediation and speaking positive affirmations apart of your daily routine. At first it will probably be a struggle but as time goes on you will get better and better. There are so many benefits to meditation. It helps relieve stress and less stress means more happiness. If you find meditating to be difficult, there are many meditation resources out there that can help you.


5. It’s about the Execution

What good would preparation and planning do if there were no execution. Execution is the glue that brings it all together. It’s not enough to want to accomplish things in your life if the proper action was not taken. Each and everyday action steps must be taken if you want to be the champion you were sent to this marvelous planet to be. Take advantage of everyday and every opportunity. There is a lesson in everything we encounter in life. Deep down inside of you there is a champion waiting to be unleashed into the world. One of the best feelings in the world is seeing your plans come to pass. It’s exciting and makes life worthwhile. Remember you have what it takes to be great in this world.



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