Someone’s Life Depends On Your Mission

How often in life do we really think of the impact of the choices and decisions we make on a daily basis? We’ve got career demands, meetings, and oh yea our favorite show comes on tonight so of course it feels better to put your mission off for another night. Actually it’s been the 3rd night in a row that you were supposed to work on your gift to the world but you’ve decided to put it on the back burner. No big deal right, who’s counting anyway? We all have been sent to this earth to do something that is far bigger than ourselves. Your gift to the world is important and someone’s life needs it. It was not by accident or chance you have been given a dream or aspiration. And for those who feel like they have no purpose, take heart in knowing you have one and its up to you to discover what it is. Sometimes some of your biggest annoyances in life may in fact be a problem you were here to solve. That’s just food for thought for anyone struggling to discover your mission.


“It’s my Dream right?”

 Our Dreams, ideas, inventions and creations have the power to effect other peoples lives for the better. All of the things we do impact other people and when we decide to pursue our dreams we are taking an important step in changing the world for the better. Think of all the lives you could impact for the better if you actually wrote that book you’ve always wanted to write? What about that business you’ve always wanted to start? Or how about the song you wrote years ago you were too afraid to share with others? All of these things no matter how seemingly big or small are gifts that were meant to help someone. Some peoples lives actually may even depend on the manifestation of our dreams and gifts. Your song could be the song someone needed to hear that may have stopped them from giving up on life. Your success rubs off on others and can propel people forward.


“Don’t let your dream sit on the shelf”

What good is it for your dreams to sit on a shelf? Why put off putting in the work for another day? Your successful business won’t start it self. Your New York times bestseller won’t write it self either. Sometimes all it takes is letting go of the fear of failure and just jumping out there. It’s easy to say tomorrow I’ll get started but I am encouraging you to get started today. Even if you may not have the money to get everything accomplished right now, there is always something you can do today until you have everything you need. Writing a business plan is free. You owe it to yourself to get started today. For along time I neglected the desire to write a book. I didn’t think it was a big deal because I didn’t really think beyond where I was in that particular part of my life. It wasn’t until someone told me that the book I wanted to write had the power to help someone somewhere down the line. That’s when I realized my mission in life is not just for myself but for others as well.


“The Takeaway”

This take away is short is sweet. You owe it to yourself not to let another day go by without walking forward in your purpose. Deep down inside you know what you need to do. Think of all the lives you could change for the better with the idea you have. Think of all the people who would be better off with your product or service. Remember we live for something far greater than ourselves and that my friend what should propel us all to greatness. 




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