Viewing Your Life Through The Lens of Promise

Armani-Frames-of-Life-2016-7(Alarm goes off early in the morning). Ugh, is it 5 am already? Yep, that’s right it’s 5 am again and not just any 5 am either. It’s 5 am on a glorious Monday morning (Insert extreme Sarcasm :-). I know many of us can relate to some variation of that inner conversation when you have to get your day going when you really prefer to stay in bed. It’s a struggle to get moving especially when where you are headed is the last place you’d rather be. It’s tough to be motivated when day after day you are involved in careers, jobs and relationships that suck the life out of you. I’ve been there before and quite frankly not that long ago. I once worked a job I hated 8 years ago. It was the epitome of soul sucking. At that time I felt hopeless because I felt like I would be stuck there forever. I sat on the phone for 8 hours a day with angry customers who hated the service I was not only required to fix but to also up sell to them as well. It’s easy to allow ourselves to feel hopeless when we are not where we want to be and it feels like no matter what we do, we still find ourselves in the same place.


“Your Current Circumstances Don’t Define you”

We’ve all heard that before and quite frankly sometimes it’s hard to believe. Often times our circumstances feel like they are lurking behind every corner even if you aren’t actively thinking about them. Even though it feels this way you have to know in your heart that your circumstances are always subject to change and believe they are changing for the better. Viewing life through the lens of promise takes strength, patience and resolve. Look all around you. This world is full of messages of hopelessness, doom and gloom and it is our responsibility whether we will accept these notions or if we will choose to rise above.


“You are not your past”

The past is an inescapable reality for all of us. We have all done things we wish we could do over again. We have all said things we wish we never said. It’s a fact of life. Your past regardless of what you’ve done or didn’t do, does not define you. Yes, the past helps shape us into who we are today but it does not define who you are and what you are desiring to become. Everyday you have breath in your lungs is a new opportunity to pave the way to becoming the best version of yourself. That is God’s gift to you. 


“Are you keeping the right company?”

I think it is always a good idea to re-evaluate the people you spend the most time with. The relationships closest to us have the biggest impact on how we view and choose to live our lives. Having people around who do not build you up will most certainly become distractions as you walk the path of greatness and promise. Beware of the company you keep. When I was in my teenage years I had a tight circle of friends but as we all continued to grow up we all began to change. Some changed for the better while others struggled a bit to adjust to our new found freedom in adulthood. Some of the changes caused me to re-evaluate some of my relationships that I’ve held for many years. Growing is not easy and it does come with it’s share of pain and that is alright because that season is necessary. Having the right people around is essential.


“Keeping the right perspective”

Perspective is everything. It is the difference between the glass being half full or half empty. It is the difference between seeing a setback as a complete failure or seeing it has an opportunity to come back stronger. Life is all about perspective. What is your perspective of your current situation in life? Is your glass half empty or is half full? Viewing your life through the lens of promise requires you to look beyond what you see directly in front you. It requires you dig deep find your faith and unlock your vision. Even when things look bleak you have to understand things can and will change for the better. It all starts with having the right attitude. 


“The Takeaway”

Today take a few minutes to think about the direction you have going in your life. What is your perspective regarding the challenges you face today? Do you have the right perspective? The power is on the inside of you. Today is the day you move forward with boldness. Remember you are worthy of goodness, favor and a life full of success. Choose this day to view life through the lens of promise.  


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