SOS: In Search Of Hope

I’ll be the first to say these past few days have been draining. Our Nation is utterly divided and there is no denying that. Last week our Country swore in it’s 45th president and it was certainly the hot topic of the weekend. leading into this week there were talks of federal hiring freezes, border walls, presidential temper tantrums surrounding the lack of attendance and other important government issues flooding our subconscious. With all that is going on it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and quite honestly hopeless. I would venture to say the past few days have been complete and utter sensory overload. From riots in the streets to the wonderful togetherness of the million woman march it’s clear everyone is searching for hope. With so many things taking place all around the country at seemingly the same time we all need to take a step back to unplug for a moment. On top of the shifting political landscape and never ending cycle of news we all have things in our own lives that seek our attention daily. From demands at work and the hustle and bustle of taking care of our home life,  life can feel like a never ending rotation of activities. To be frank we all just need a break from the madness. When was the last time you took a soothing walk by yourself to unwind? When was the last time you turned off your phone and unplugged for a period of time? Right now with everything that is taking place, I think that may be something to consider for the sake of peace and mind.


After all peace and tranquility is what we are all after. Everyone is searching for that perfect balance in life. We are wired for hope. We are wired to look to the future in search of brighter days and softer moments. We all search for the path that leads to a destiny of promise and fulfillment. For a lot of us we felt a monumental shift as January 20th came to a close. Our timeline on social media was filled with statuses of whats to come with the new administration. It felt like every channel we turned to displayed images of the new President Donald Trump signing executive orders that could potentially effect our lives. Today take a moment to take a step back and center yourself. It’s going to be ok. It’s going to be alright. President Obama said it best as his days in the Whitehouse came to a close. He said “this is not a period, this is a comma”. The story doesn’t end here. I was deeply encouraged by his words as we embark upon a new uncertain chapter in history. Even though we may not know what lies ahead, choose to Stand firm in your faith as you press forward. Stand firm in your purpose. Don’t let the event’s in the news discourage and distract you from your mission in life. We all were sent to this planet with a powerful purpose no matter who fills the seats in the congress and the oval office. While the things in government do matter, I venture to say you matter more. Make sure you vote in the midterm elections which will be approaching in 2018. Keep your eyes open and most importantly stay true to yourself. I encourage you to find 30 minutes today to unplug. Remove yourself from all of the madness for a moment. Close your eyes and allow feelings of hope and Gods love to feel your heart up. When it is all said and done, everything is truly going to be alright. 


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