Thank You Mr. President: Lessons from Barack Obama

As the new year began I was confronted with the realization that President Obama’s time in the white house was truly coming to an end. The past 8 years have been personally special for me. His bid for the Whitehouse came right at a time when I was actually able to vote. I will never forget the day I casted my vote for the man who would win our hearts over and over again. While some may debate his importance in some segments of America but to me this fact is not up for discussion. As a black man these 8 years have been a reminder that anything is truly possible. I watched a young unknown Senator from Chicago change the landscape of history forever. My late mother had a huge crush on President Obama. We had President Obama portraits with his beautiful family, calendars and newspaper clippings all over the house. Some of us never thought we would ever see the day when a man of color would occupy the oval office. I can remember that cold January in 2008 just like yesterday. My mother and my sister traveled downtown to watch the epic moment unfold in person while I was at work. I can remember the shear joy and hope in the air as we all tuned in to the office tv as we watched him get sworn in. I don’t think I have ever been that excited about a President. How many times do you get to see a man who looks like me get sworn into the highest office in the land? With the way things are going in this nation, it may be awhile before we see that happen again unfortunately. I just wanted to take the time to thank President Obama and his wife First lady Michelle for being gracious and elegant in the face of adversity. They endured a tough 8 years of relentless ridicule and insults. They never once responded with hate or malice. They raised two amazing young ladies in the public eye where many people were not too fond of seeing an African American family occupy the Whitehouse. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons from my President and I will always appreciate his hard work as he tried to make our Nation a place we all can all thrive in. He was scandal free and honored his family with every step he took and for that I will always look up to him. He ran this Nation with a sense of alluring pride. You can hate him, love him or be indifferent towards him but we all cannot deny the many powerful lessons he taught us throughout the years. There was one lesson that stood out to me as a married man. He has the most powerful job in the world but still found time to take his wife out on a date. Fella’s if he can find time out of his busy schedule to take his wife out, we certainly have no excuse 🙂 I had to throw that in there. Another lesson I learned from him was how he was able to walk with his head held high even when folks were rooting for him to fail. He did not quit, he did not complain, he simply kept moving forward. This is a lesson we can all apply to our lives today. No matter what adversity we face today, we must keep moving at all cost. We must fight for what we believe in. We most keep going even if we are tired. May we all take this same approach as we walk the path of success in every area of our lives. We too can thrive even if those around us attempt to plot our demise. May we be encouraged and empowered as we walk our journey to the realization of our dreams and aspiriations.  All in all I will always appreciate President Obama’s chapter in history as I bid farewell to the coolest President of all time. Family Man, Scholar, Husband and President, I thank you for your service to our Nation.       


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