Everyday Is A New Beginning

5,4,3,2,1 Happy New Year! It’s one of the greatest countdowns ever. For a lot of us it symbolizes a new beginning. Everyone is dancing, laughing and smiling as another chapter in our lives begins. We hug our friends and family tightly as we gleefully enter a new year. It is truly an exciting time. We plan to make new changes. Some of us make a promise to ourselves to get rid of the extra weight. Some of us promise to eat better and leave old unfaithful habits in the dust. Many make resolutions with the belief that they mean business this time despite the last few years their resolutions have fell by the wayside 3 months in. But hey, It happens. We are all guilty of this in some way or another. What makes this year’s resolution any different than years prior? I’ve spent some time pondering this very question. Statistics show many resolutions typically last between 1-3 months into the new year. Today, I hope to shed some light on how you don’t have to let another year of goals evaporate. You don’t have to wait for a new year to begin again. Dare to believe every day is a new beginning.


Everyday we awaken to a new day of life is a new opportunity to begin again. Yesterday you may have made some mistakes or fell off course and its ok. The reason many resolutions do not succeed in my opinion is because many people become discouraged by the realization that many of the great resolutions we make do not happen overnight. It takes time and effort for things worthwhile to manifest. A goal is like a plant. It must be watered everyday. Instead of viewing things as one big chunk we must break things down into small action item steps that will eventually lead to the realization of our goals. No matter what your dreams or goals may be, everything must be broken down into steps. Let this year be the year that you finally check a resolution off of your list. You were born with the power to change for the better. 2017 will not be another year of broken promises to yourself. Dig deep within and commit to not give up with the day comes when things don’t feel convenient or when the steps it takes to reach your goal is no longer comfortable. Today make a commitment to take it one day at a time. Remember it only takes one small productive action item a day to reach a goal. Make a list of all of your goals and come up with a list of daily action steps you can take to make it happen.Some days will be harder than others but in the end you have the power to make your dream come true. The good Lord endowed you with Greatness and It runs through your very veins. 


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