Spreading Love this Holiday Season

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year. There is something truly special in the air. People generally seem to be in a more loving spirit as we all anticipate good food, smiling children faces and the joy of togetherness. Joy comes over us while we decorate our homes with beautiful lights and reefs. Smiles are all around as families trim and place special ornaments on the tree. Who doesn’t enjoy a good Ugly Sweater party?  I am sure right now many homes are filled with the smell of baking desserts and laughter as family and friends gather. The sound of everyones favorite holiday tunes are filling the air as we speak. My mother and father always made christmas a wonderful experience through the years. No matter what was going on, everything stopped during the holiday season in my home during my kid years. Now that I have my own home, my wife and I are now creating our own holiday traditions. We decided to spend our money buying gifts for children who’s parents were not able too this year. As we all celebrate this year may we not forget the reason for this season. While we celebrate the birth of our dear savior may we purpose in our hearts to avoid getting caught up in spending money and forgetting that this seasons is all about Love. While I know some people will not celebrate christmas for their own convictions, love still must be at the forefront. As wonderful as this time of the year is, there are many people who spend this season alone. Some people had loved ones pass away this year or could be dealing with the loss of a job. There are so many things that could happen to someone that truly can make this time of the year extremely difficult for some even in all of its splendor. God gave us the gift of love and it is our job to share it with as many people as we can. If you know someone who may be going through a tough time this season make it your mission to check on them and bless them in some way. People need to know someone cares. As we all enjoy the festivities as this year comes to a close may we remember embrace family, friendship, health and Love. Merry Christmas Everyone   


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