Election 2016 Chronicles: My Open Letter

Whew, please allow me to catch my breath. I’m tired. Ok, let me back track. I am beyond tired. I am utterly exhausted. This election season has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride for all of us. I kept telling myself today it will all be over once the final numbers come in and a new president is elected. No more, reality show episodes disguised as political debates. I can remember when I first voted back in 2008. It was a magical time for me. I casted my vote with so much pride as I watched the first African American candidate become President. It was an incredible time in my life and a experience I will never forget. Election 2016 is a lot different for a lot of reasons. Over the past year, I’ve seen ugly things happen in our Country. The racial divide certainly became front and center as Trump declared to make America Great Again. There was violence at political rallies as painful  insults were hurled as people all over the nation rallied for each candidate as each candidate attempted to solidify themselves potentially as the next President of the United States of America. We saw scandal surround Hillary Clinton’s campaign as the FBI investigated the issues around her private email server. Citizens all over the nation were continuous fighting via social media and many other outlets. I witnessed friendships end over political disagreements. All these things are certainly enough to create anxiety. In my short 30 years of life this election has been a tremendous eye opener to the state of humanity. Here we have the highest office in the land become a mockery as Donald Trump used his platform to display his arrogance as he launched dangerous reckless insults at everyone who stood in his way. Hillary Clinton, while I absolutely respect her resume’ was out of touch in my opinion on the some of the issues that matter to me. I proudly stand as an African American young man and I personally have issues with the justice system, police brutality and heath care. Neither one of the candidates really convinced me. I found it very hard to vote today. There were some points during this election where I honestly made a decision to not vote at all. I was set on not casting my vote for either one. It really came down to selecting the lessor of two evils. Thats bad. In fact thats really bad. A lot of people around the country I’ve discovered share this same sentiment. After spending some time thinking and really mulling over my decision, I decided to muster up the courage to cast my ballot anyway. My ancestors fought for my right to vote and I did not want to be selfish and allow my own personal feelings about this election stop me from exercising my right. A right, that I treasure greatly. While, I personally do not want Donald Trump to be President, I’ve decided to put my trust truly in the Lord. No matter what the outcome is, we will be alright. As I sit in my living room and write this, I am proud. I am proud to be a Black Man in America. Nothing will ever change that. Nobody can take that away me. No candidate can take who you are away from you. As we all sit and wait for the results, be proud of your vote. Take a moment to reflect on history tonight. If Hillary Clinton wins it will undoubtedly be something historic as she will be the first Female President. Through it all, my hope is placed in God as I continue to pray for our nation. May it see greater days. May our racial divide take steps toward healing. May we all learn to live in Peace as we all learn to embrace our differences. That is my hope and my prayer.



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