Take The Limits Off

It’s easy to look at life as a half empty stained glass of sour lemonade. Have you watched the new’s lately? Just watching our election process is enough for many of us to plug our ears and hide behind the sofa. Many of us want to go further in life. We want better friends, better opportunities and obviously more money. Who doesn’t? If I told you, you were destined for greatness, many would say yea right. Me? Yes you. Most people have beliefs about themselves that keep them in place of always hoping to get ahead instead of thriving. Sometimes I randomly interview people. Most people aren’t even aware. I ask questions like, do you think you could ever be a Millionaire? Do you see yourself beyond your current job or set of circumstances. Most people 9 times out of 10 sell themselves short. I know Incredibly talented people but many of them don’t even recognize how incredible they are. The only thing that separates us from living the life we deserve is the limiting thoughts we have about ourselves and our ability to achieve. 




Limitations are only in the mind. Time and time again there are people throughout the history of this world that seemingly had limitations but ended up turning those perceived set backs into incredible successes. Ray Charles, had a degenerative eye condition that left him completely blind and he went on to make incredible music. Stevie Wonder is another great example of folks who rose above their perceived short comings. There are even great people in the bible like Moses who some theologians believe suffered from a stuttering problem but that did not stop God from uses him in a powerful way. There is nothing in this life that can hold you back unless you let it. Stop beating yourself up about your current circumstance or place in life. Today is the day you rewire your thinking. When you wake up in the morning, remind yourself that today is the day you realize your potential. We all were sent to earth with incredible gifts. There is nobody on this planet that does not have a gift to share with the world. It’s just a matter of finding out what that gift is. That’s the fun part. Think of all of your natural talents. Think of all the problems and things you dislike about the world. Maybe you were sent here to solve those problems. The answer is within you. Our own limiting thinking keeps us locked in the box of mediocracy. Today is the day the box is broken and you spread your wings and fly. 




There will be people who will make attempts to convince you that your past is too bad to be anything greater than where you are. Some will say you made to many mistakes to be anything special. Those kind of people are people who are afraid of your power and potential. Expand your circle to include people who see the best in you. Ask God to reveal to you all the people in your life who do not have your best interest in heart so you can distance yourself. Dare to not a another day go by walking around the heavy burden of self sabotaging beliefs about yourself and your future. Your future is bright. You are smart enough. You are good enough. This is your world. Make it happen. You have a dream for a reason. You have aspirations for a reason. You can do it. You can soar like an eagle.  You have what it takes to be GREAT. 


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