Toxic Folks: Hit the Road Jack and Don’t Cha Come Back No Mo’

Toxic people are everywhere hiding in plain sight. Think of all the people you have met who ended up being bad for you. This includes family members, friends and coworkers. These kind of people leave a trail of hurt, pain, confusion and the dreaded D word, Drama. I can remember a girl I dated in my early 20’s. When I first met her she seemed to have it all together. She was a few years older than me so I assumed automatically that she was mature. Over time I noticed things about her that I should have never ignored. After about a year of craziness, drama and a web of confusion I realized I needed to get better at discernment. I literally found myself saying to myself, this girl is crazy. While I know us guys tend to joke about the word crazy but you can really feel when something isn’t quite right about a person. You have to learn to listen to those signals when they occur. Don’t be like Brandon, quickly learn to walk away from people who time and time again prove them selves to be unstable, dishonest, self absorbed and violent just to say the least. We’ve got to learn to walk away from these kind of people even if it hurts. We all know people that we have watched deal with a toxic person, it never ends well. Not only are toxic people a headache but they are literally hazardous to your health.


 One of the most wonderful things about life is the ability to have meaningful relationships with other people. We are hardwired for connection. That’s why facebook, instagram and other social media applications are so popular. No matter how we try to spin it, we were never created to be alone. On the flip side relationships can also be hazardous and dangerous if we get involved with wrong kind of people. It’s important to pay attention to the red flags people exhibit. Don’t make excuses for behaviors that make you feel uncomfortable. If someone shows you who they are, you have to believe it. Some people have lost their lives as a result of ignoring signs of dysfunction. Some people are good at never taking responsibility for their behavior or they may be unaware of their negative impact. If a person continually causes confusion, strife and stress they’ve got to go. The company we keep affects our lives in a big way. We simply cannot afford to keep these type of people around. Some people you just simply have to love from a distance. 


It’s ok to distance your self from things that do not add value to your life. It doesn’t make you a bad person if you have to change your circle of friends or distance your self from certain family members. Toxic doesn’t always apply to people however. There can be toxic jobs, places and situations. Dig deep to find the strength to walk away from anything that does not serve you well. lets stop making excuses for accepting bad treatment. I know it’s not always easy to walk away because the toxic person could be a family member or a coworker. I get that but You don’t deserve the abuse. You don’t deserve the lies and mistreatment. You don’t deserve to feel crazy anymore because of the manipulation. You don’t the deserve the drama day after day.  Today is the day we say goodbye to all things that are hazardous to our well being.  




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