They Mad? ok, So What

Now, lets be real for a moment. Seriously. There are a lot of people walking around mad. Not just mad, but angry at the world and all of it’s inhabitants. I know, that sounds dramatic and all but honestly some folks are just plain upset. Some people will be mad that you decided not to live an average life anymore. Changing for the better causes some of our closest friends and family to get a little uncomfortable. Do you blame them? Think about it. If they were used to you being a certain way and in their mind you all of a sudden have dreams, goals and aspirations it may cause an alarm to go off in their minds. Some people will support you when you decide to follow your dreams and some people will feel threatened by you deciding to walk the path of Greatness. That’s just the way it is unfortunately. Today we are going to talk about moving forward toward a life of excellence even if you rub a few people the wrong way while doing it.  


People will always find reasons to be unhappy with something someone else is doing and it’s your job not to let that get to you. While it is wise to take the people we care about and respect opinion into consideration however when it comes to allowing the opinions of others to stop you from realizing your dreams then that is where the line is drawn. God sent you to this planet to be above average. Why play it safe and be like everyone else? There is not an average bone in your body. Even though it appears as if a majority of the people who cross our paths would rather spend their day gossiping and watching reality tv you must not let those kind’s of individuals distract you from your mission. Sometimes the path of greatness causes you to lose friends or to be laughed at. If someone doesn’t like your mission let them be mad cause’ Hater’s always Gon’ Hate. 


You Owe it to yourself to not let another day go by without going for your dreams and goals. Today, choose to keep pushing forward even in the presence of scrutiny. Push forward even when your idea is not popular or seems impossible to manifest. Some of the greatest people who ever walked this earth had a mission that a lot of people doubted or were not happy with. Today, find a mirror and look yourself in the eye and tell yourself you will dream big even if people don’t like it. You will dream big even if your dream appears impossible. Last and not least tell yourself that you will walk  the path of greatness even if causes friends and family to accuse you of acting different. The path is not glamorous but its oh so worth it.  


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