Keeping The Dream Alive

Whatever is not watered withers away and whatever you do not feed will eventually pass away. Our dreams are no different than a plant that needs water grow and flourish. Day by day we must  Life can pull you in so many directions and it is easy to loose sight of what you really want out of this human experience. It’s not by accident or by chance you have dreams, aspirations and goals. Some people will try to convince you to shelf your dream because it’s much larger than where you are right now. Some people will attempt to deter you out of jealousy and spite. There are people who feel threatened by the possibility you may actually become something great. Look around you and observe how many folks don’t take advantage of the the air they breathe. You have the power to not only dream but actually see the dream manifest. Take a big deep breath and know that you are alive, able and capable.


Children understand the importance of dreaming more than many of us. They often find the beauty in life that sometimes we overlook due to the demands of our careers, family life and other important obligations. Dig deep inside of yourself and make a vow to resurrect the dream. There is a dream deep within all of us. There is a calling that speaks softly through the clutter of life that silently calls our name. Are you going to continue to ignore it? Are you going to ignore the tug on your heart that has been gently pulling for so many years? Is what you are doing today really what you want to do? How many excuses are you going to make to justify staying in your comfort zone? Wake up and smell the fresh air of a life full of promise.  



You have what it takes to keep the dream alive. Pick your dream and aspirations up off of the back burner and bring them to the forefront. You were sent to this earth with the tools to be great. Today take one small step towards your destiny. Today is the day fear and excuses no longer stop you from living your best life. 



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