You Were Born For A Powerful Reason

There is no question about it, this life can be tough. So many things can happen in the blink of an eye that can change the landscape of your world. There are people, places and things that sometimes try to convince you that you don’t belong here. Our Planet is plagued with racism, sexism and classism. Those are all tools used to divide and tear down people. If you’ve turned on the news these past few days or opened a newspaper you will see what I mean. You are not an accident. There is a marvelous reason why God the divine placed you on this planet. Don’t let the troubles of this world distract you from discovering your purpose.


You may not know what your purpose is right now but take joy in knowing the creator of the universe thought of you personally. It was not by happenstance or mistake that you are here, alive at this very moment. Some people may have casted you to the side or given up on you but I want you know today that regardless of what any human says, you without a doubt are divine. Your job or your economic situation doesn’t define who you are. Not even your past can dictate who you were created to be . Everyday is a new opportunity to discover the greatness that is on the inside of you. It is easy to forget how much power is on the inside.



The struggles of our day to day human experience can sometimes put blinders on us. Take the blinders off and see that nothing about you was left to chance. There is nobody on this earth exactly like you. Your uniqueness is a gift that nobody can take away from you. Today, purpose to see the beauty in who you are. Dare to discover your purpose. You were put here on planet earth for something powerful! Your existence has meaning. You may have been having a rough time recently but know that your pain is not in vain. In your alone time today dig deep inside to find your power and use that power to create something that will change the world.


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