Believing God For The Impossible

Life has a strange way of switching things up when everything seems to be going well. Everyone is happy, dancing to the beat of a future of promise. You know that moment when everything is going right? That moment when things couldn’t get any better. Then without warning tragedy strikes and everyone is left trying to make sense of things. Pain is something that does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, asian or purple because pain affects us all. Even in a world where things can go wrong in the blink of an eye there is one thing that remains true and that is God’s faithfulness towards us. He provided us with the power to move mountains with our faith. That power is deep within us already. 


Do you believe in the impossible? All around us everyday are people and situations that try to make us feel like our situation is too bleak. Miracles happen everyday. Dare to believe that the impossible can and will happen in your life. There have been countless times in history where people who were counted out have rose above and beaten the odds. Look back at your life, I am sure you recount a time when the cards were stacked completely against you and you overcame. If you are facing a tough moment in life right now I want you to remember that miracles still happen today. Have faith. The situation you face right now is temporary. Believe that no matter what the doctor says you will overcome. It doesn’t matter what your friends or family thinks. Don’t let the opinions of others lead you to believe your situation is hopeless. You can rise above. Visualize yourself overcoming. See your situation change. People often time make prayer seem like it’s something you do when you can’t think of anything else to do. Prayer is much more than a last resort. There is real power in praying to God in Faith. Today, take your concerns to the Lord and leave it there. Don’t rehash and talk about the situation over and over. Don’t allow yourself to complain about it. Have faith and believe that you are one step closer each day to your miracle.     




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