Mean People Need Love too :-)

Mean people are every where. I mean like seriously every where you turn. There isn’t a day that goes by where some person lets a door slam knowingly in someones face, or a person says some rude comment in an email or worse yet cc’s your boss in a crazy email trying to make you seem like an idiot. I’m sure my corporate america readers can relate to that last line. Its like a zombie apocalypse except they aren’t blood sucking crazy half human thingies, they are however soul crushing, blood boiling just plain nasty folks. These type of people test your patience. They really do. I am sure someone probably popped in your head as you read that. I’m going to be real. Mean people just flat out suck but just because they suck however doesn’t mean they don’t deserve grace.


People aren’t always actually mean because they sincerely enjoy treating people like crap all the time. Human’s are complex and simply at times have other motivations for why they do the things they do. A few years ago I worked with someone who was really rude all the time. This lady never smiled at all. I would say good morning and she would walk right past me as if I didn’t say a word. I would think to myself, that lady is really a nasty person. Come to find out later on she suffered from an ailment and after she got that issue addressed she ended up being an amazing friend. Sometimes in life we have to look past what people are doing on the outside and acknowledge something much deeper is going on in the inside. As hard as it it may be we have to learn to not take mean spiritedness personal. Folks have all kind of wild things going on in there personal lives that they don’t know how to cope with and they end up taking it out on others. And in some rare cases there are folks who just like being mean for the heck of it. Tisk Tisk Tisk




At the end of the day we all battle the inner child who likes to come out from time to time. We ourselves can be mean. Just ask my sister. 🙂 I’m sure she would tell you I’m mean sometimes. This human experience is quite remarkable and we all have our moments. Today, try to take the high road when dealing with someone who is letting their unhappy inner child come out. Ignore the snide remark of a rude coworker. Laugh off the insult of a rude boss. If the red Honda tries to cut you off again, just let them in the lane anyway. Fight meanness with a smile after all mean people need to love too. Love has the power to change even the crankiest of hearts. 





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