Moving Forward In Spite of Fear

Fear left unchecked has the power to cripple even the strongest among us. It is the driving force that stops many people from doing that which they have always wanted to do. Fear is responsible for so many deferred dreams and aspirations. I am sure we know people who were incredibly talented but they failed to act on their plans because of the thoughts of not being good enough. In my life there were plenty of opportunities that I passed up because of fear. I worried about what others thought of me and most of all I doubted myself. 


Fear is a mountain that separates you from the things that you want in life. If you listen to the fearful voice on the inside you will look back and regret not taking action. Chances are if you are afraid, then you should do it. Make a promise to yourself to not defer another dream or to let another opportunity pass by the wayside because you were afraid to move. Challenge yourself. Do one small thing a day that is scary to you. For example if you fear what others think of you, make it your mission to say hi to someone at work that you have never spoken to before. For me, eating by myself was something I used to be afraid to do. I feared that if I was spotted eating at a restaurant alone that people would think I was weird or crazy. I know that is wild but that was one of my things. So I booked a flight to Miami by myself for a weekend and I ate by myself the whole time I was there. I was terrified at first but it ended up being a great experience.


Today act in spite of being afraid. Go head. You got this. Your destiny awaits you on the other side of fear. 




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