Give Yourself Some Credit

We live in a society that is obsessed with perfection. From the commercials and the magazine covers we see everyday, its hard not to take notice that everyday we are being pumped the notion that perfection is the standard by which we are all measured by. Some people feel like they have to become a perfect person in order to value the progress  life and that is simply not true. Take pride in the small steps you make everyday to become a better you. Celebrate the fact you are not the same person today that you were this time last year. Small victories do matter. Give yourself some credit. Comparing yourself to someone else is a waste of time. We all are on our own journeys. Just because you are 30 and have not finished your undergrad or if you are not making as much money as you like does not make you a failure. Just because you are not where other people “think” you should does not mean you are not on the path to success. Take time to practice gratitude. If you have made strides to better yourself be proud of that. There will always be people who will try to make you feel you are nothing. That’s where practicing discernment comes into play when it comes to choosing the people we share our lives with. Friends who like to remind of us our failures are not friends at all. In your quiet time I encourage you to take inventory of the relationships you keep because the relationships we keep can adversely affect our progress. There are times even family members can be toxic. Its ok to take a step back from those folks too. Life is a beautiful experience even with its trials and tribulations. Slow down and appreciate all the small things. The path to success will be filled with small victories along the way. Don’t wait until something major happens to give yourself credit. Everything you do contributes to your destiny. Today find 3 things that you’ve done this year to pat yourself on the back for. It’s not cocky or egotistical to celebrate. Most of all remember to be kind to yourself :-). 


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