Eliminating Distractions

Distractions are every where we turn. Just in; Donald trump just said another outlandish statement. Ding, there goes another face book notification. Everything has its place in our lives but one of the biggest reasons why it seems so difficult to accomplish things is our lives is because of procrastination and a lack of focus. Anything that causes you to lose focus of a goal or a plan that you have established for yourself is a distraction. Distractions come in many forms. When I was in elementary school I had a really difficult time focusing. I used to make beats on the table when I was supposed to be reading. I would make up songs instead of writing a paper. I was all over the place. Now that I am an adult I still sometimes lose focus from time to time. I’ve learned to embrace my quiet place. My office in my home is an area I’ve designated as my quiet place. I encourage you to find a place in your home that you can invest at least 30 minutes of quiet time in. In those moments you will find your best ideas come freely. Sometimes distractions come in the form of people. Anyone who purposely try to derail you when you are trying to better yourself should not be in your circle. I’m also talking about folks who you continually gossip and bring negative energy around. I encourage you to pick a time during your day to put your phone down, turn the TV off and go to your quiet place to do something that takes you one step closer to fulfilling your dreams. No action is too small. If want to start a business use that time to formulate ideas or to write your business plan. If you want a new job, use that time to work on your resume and complete an app or two. Success does not happen on accident. You have the power to live an incredibly fulfilling life one small action step at a time.   


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