excuses..excuses and more excuses

Excuses, excuses and more excuses. Excuses are the fastest way to derail success and progress. Excuses can actually ruin your life  if you allow yourself to avoid taking responsibility. Think about it? How can anyone move forward if they cannot take ownership of anything. We laugh when we here the popular phrase; you see what had happened was. In reality excuses are no laughing matter. In fact they are down right annoying. We all have that friend who is consistently late for everything and always has some elaborate reason why they are late. Instead of being real they pump out a barrage of excuses.  Or how about a family member who consistently loses a job and always blames other people for their lack of consistent employment. Sometimes It’s best to just say my bad, I’ll do better next time. We shouldn’t also make excuses for people who time and time again fail to take responsibility for their behavior. That goes for friends, family and our loves. We have to practice holding people accountable for their actions. Purpose to make excuses a thing of the past. I am working on this myself because to be honest I was the master of excuses. I used to make excuses before the question was even asked! That’s how bad I was. haha. 🙂  All in all I’ve learned that successful people keep excuses far far far away. We shouldn’t accept excuses from the people we love either. As we all strive to be greater people lets kick excuses to the curve for good. Think of a goal you have set for yourself that you have been putting off because of fear or self doubt. Today take one small step towards accomplishing that goal with the absence of excuses.     


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