Sowing Into Yourself

Life is fast paced. The day to day grind contains so many different variables. What I am going to eat? Why did so and so say that about me? Where did all my money go? Oh, I wonder what’s coming on TV tonight? To say the least we’ve all dealt with these kind of thoughts. Its easy to forget to take care of the person you know the most; You. Taking the time to sow into your own life is very important. There are people that need you. Our society is built on the foundation of exhaustion and stress.  One of God’s greatest gift to mankind besides Christ himself is the gift of creation. You have the ability to create. Our minds are capable of very powerful things when put to use. Take time at least one hour a day to put the phone down, turn off the TV off and enjoy the essence of silence. In your quiet time think of some of the goals you have set for yourself and write down ways you can achieve them. In the silence of your quiet time take inventory of your life. You will find that in most cases you have been neglecting yourself. Let go of the need to always be on the move and enjoy the simplicity of stillness. Each day purpose to learn something new no matter how insignificant it may seem. As you continue to sow into yourself you will begin find your mind is able to rest and stress floats away from your body like an autumn breeze. Remember to be kind to yourself. There is only one you.    


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