Monday Morning Dread? Finding Ways to be Thankful Instead

Monday Morning Dread in someways affects us all. Is it 6am already? Traffic, Traffic and more Traffic. I wish the weekend was longer. Maybe I should pretend to be sick to get another off. Sounds Familiar doesn’t it? All over America this anthem will be sung in unison as many of us will start our work week.  Who enjoys sitting in traffic for hours in some cases just to go sit a desk in a place you don’t want to be at only to stare at the clock all day wishing for the day to be over before it begins? Folks all over the country have jobs and professions they don’t even love and are torturing themselves daily just to make ends meet.  Many would agree there is more to life than that and of course there certainly is. Find hope in knowing that you have the ability to create the life you want to have. Choose to believe you have what it takes to venture into the career path you’ve always wanted to have. Choose to believe you have the power to create the business you’ve always wanted to start. Choose to believe that you’ve been sent to this earth for something far greater than yourself. When you are thankful you free your mind from the stress of the everyday hustle and allow yourself to be open to the opportunities God will send your way.  It takes courage to pursue your passions. Use your energy to create a business plan, update your resume’ and fine tune your skill set and before you know it you will find yourself doing what you’ve always wanted to do. Not only doing what you want to do but being successfully too. Be Thankful that you have life in your body and remember that as long as you have life in your body you have an opportunity to make big things happen. Next time you feel Monday morning Dread encourage yourself to find ways to be thankful instead  


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